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كن دائما مطلعا على آخر الأخبار!

To increase its export share and enter new markets, STONEGLASS has selected the most important fairs, dedicated to professionals in the sector scheduled in April 2022: COVERINGS and HOSPITALITY DESIGN CONFERENCE & EXPO, both in LAS VEGAS. At the same time as the two trade fairs, 2 events will also be organized to promote the new STONEGLASS 3D product: on 05.04.2021 at the CONVENTION CENTER in LAS VEGAS and on 26.04.2021 at MANDALAY BAY HOTEL CONVENTION CENTER LAS VEGAS.

The USA represents a market with great potential for STONEGLASS, which today represents 90% of its non-EU turnover. In fact, in the American market, in recent years there has been a strong growth in requests for this material, due to a newfound sensitivity towards materials with a low environmental impact, but with handcrafted and valuable characteristics.

The greatest requests come from the construction sector, especially in the Florida area, a region where attention is paid to the construction of luxury buildings with refined details and is more present. With the creation of a commercial office in Florida, we intend to make available to current customers and those who will be acquired, the necessary support to know and appreciate the products offered, and in particular the new STONEGLASS 3D. It is also planned to open a commercial office in China, near SHANGHAI, in a strategic position because it is in the center of China.

STONEGLASS® ، اكتشف “أخبار 2022” بخط المعالجة الجديد.

STONEGLASS®، هي مادة جديدة تجمع بين مزايا الزجاج وبين صلابة الحجر ومتانته.

إنها انعكاس مثالي وغير قابل للتغيير، وهي مادة جديدة ذات خصائص فريدة من نوعها.

سوف تجد في هذا الموقع الكثير من المعلومات التي سوف تمكنك من تقييم وتقدير تفرد STONEGLASS ®. 


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