Project summary

The Internationalization Project introduced on present announcement is aimed at the inclusion and commercial development of company in the foreign market, with a specific attention at US market.
For this reason, the company’s management has developed an advertising project created on base of a stabilization gradualness which includes a series of actions: partecipation in various International fairs in Europe, USA, United Arab Emirates; rent a show room space in Florida (USA) and sign an agreement with intermediary company that provides dedicated staff for the promotion of STONEGLASS®’s brand and for the management of showroom; communications and promotional activity in a sector’s specialized American magazines; organization of incoming events in Tuscany for foreign clients and operators; organization of bilateral meetings in USA and Canada; recruitment of 2 new workers (apprenticeship programme) at Tuscan headquarter.

POR CReO FESR 2014-2020 line 3.4.2 a) Announcement for “Aiuti alle PMI per l’internazionalizzazione” DD 1540/2016. Project INTERNATIONALIZATION STONEGLASS IN USA n. 1540.22032016.092000118.

“The project, financed by the Tuscany Region, in the context of above mentioned announcement has been carried out in line with the one presented, respecting its goals, its spending programs and its timeline limits.

The investment program has mainly achieved the following macro goals and performances: establishment of a sales network of the STONEGLASS® products into the U.S. market; an increase of number of products sold; strengthening of the brand identity; At the end of the project, STONEGLASS® obtained the following results; having a sales network distributed in the main U.S. states; having added its products in the major U.S. distribution channels; having increased its sales with an increase in turnover of 20%; in having registered and consolidated the identity and visibility of the STONEGLASS® brand. 

STONEGLASS® is the official distributor of the STONEGLASS® slabs, a new material that combines the qualities of the glass with the solidity and ductility of the stone.

In the U.S. market in recent years there has been a strong growth of requests about this material, due to a newfound sensitivity towards materials with a low environmental impact, but with craftsmanship and quality features. In this first year of the project most requests came from the building sector, especially from the area of Florida, state where the focus on constructing luxury buildings with refined details is more active. We have noticed also particular attention from the American customer for the MADE IN ITALY, which makes a difference from what is actually current in their market thanks to the characteristics of ecological and recyclable materials, that at the same time do not neglect fine finishes and attention to details. The main goal of the operation was to give at the U.S. customer of STONEGLASS® Srl the possibility in having a local commercial & technical unit which speaks the same language and has same office opening times, being able in supporting the customer both technically and commercially.”