STONEGLASS® uses FitLock®, the Most Functional, Precise and Innovative Fixing Systems for Panels and Coatings.
We at STONEGLASS® have adopted FitLock® for our accomplishments in the NAVAL, AVIATION, TRANSPORTATION, CONSTRUCTION and DESIGN industries.

Fitlock® is a pressure fastening system designed for mounting walls, panels, floors, ceilings and other similar items. Born from years of experience in the naval industry, it allows easily and effectively to fix walls and panels to the structure and allows accurate adjustment of all parts during assembly.

Fitlock® guarantees a stable and precise fastening thanks to the ability to repeat the positioning operation infinite times allowing the operator to adjust the position of the parts allowing a 4 mm displacement in each direction without affecting its yield and reliability.

This is the heart of the idea: fast and secure assembly even with the existence of those imperfections that are difficult to avoid.

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Throughout history, Stone has always been used by man since minerals and metals in it have been fundamental to human civilization. Among them Silicon is one of the most precious as it fills much of the Earth’s crust. Glass comes from it and has been invented more than five thousand years ago for noble and luxury use.

Over the centuries, many glassworking techniques have featured new revolutions within luxury, allowing rare and expensive items to become much more accessible, ensuring a daily development.

Considering that Glass, which has seen its greatest industrial and technological development in Italy, is one of the most significant revolutionary inventions in the world that have determined the beauty of our lives, we decided to invest by emphasizing the beauty and uniqueness born in Italy centuries ago, contributing to the union between Glass and Luxury.

Our Glass has something more since it acquires strengths from Stone. Its production process involves the crystallization, which gives them the power to have the “GIFTS OF GLASS, solidity and ductility of the PIETRA”.

Since STONEGLASS® is more than Glass, we decided to give it more than Beauty: Luxury.

Today we want to celebrate the original and noble significance of Glass, dedicating to our “more than glass” a complete complete luxury line, enabling us to combine the precious features of STONEGLASS® with precious metals such as Gold and Silver and precious stones like Diamonds.

We are proud to present you STONEGLASS® Luxury.